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Dear one 


I am inspired to do my part to make this world a more Beautiful place, to heal that which is hurting, to empower others through education, encouragement, guidance & Love.

~Sefana Wilde



I began as a Dancer and performing artist.  Studying from childhood through my early 20's. I studied  theatre with  "The American Academy of Dramatic Arts" and dance with Pacific Festival Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre and Do Jump Theatre. I learned numerous styles of dance (including Modern, Ballet, Tap, Belly Dance, Aerial Dance and many others).  I began studying yoga which complimented the physical strain of dance. Often spending up to 5 hours a day focused on my body allowed for a deeper and subtler awareness of the body  to emerge. 


But I was young, curious and naive and allowed myself to become too ungrounded energetically. This resulted in a fall and major injury to my foot, finally helping me connect mind/body/spirit. I came to realize how much I had been pushing my body to it's limits and how important self care and love are for healing and preventing pain.


The Healing Arts became a light house for me.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always given massages. My mother would ask me to massage her back...then friends began to ask. I was always told it was what I should do.  I've also heard many times that I am a natural teacher and healer.

I began by fully emersing myself in yoga. I practiced almost every day at Yoga Union in Portland.  After 2 years, I studied Reiki (the Japanese art of energy healing) with Tricia Clark-Mcdowell in Eugene. Next, I went down to Santa Monica, California and took my Yoga teacher training with the transformative and renowned Ana Forrest.

The Universe seemed to be sending me many signs to go to a particular school nearby that taught Shiatsu Massage (Shiatsu is a massage style that follows the same energetic lines used in Chinese medicine & Acupuncture, but uses finger pressure, tapping and rocking to heal). I decided there were enough clear signs pointing me down the path, that I chose to listen. I attended the "Shiatsu Massage School of California". It turned out that the headmaster of the school I attended was in fact one of the 4 original men who had brought Shiatsu to America! My wonderful, sweet, wise teacher Do An Kaneko. 


When I moved back home to Oregon I attended East/West College of the Healing Arts in Portland.  During massage school we were introduced to natural medicine. My interest was sparked. Injury was not the only catalyst I had. After being overprescribed antibiotics in my younger years, my immune system had become very weak and I was chronically sick. I began extensively researching everything I could about how to heal my body. After many years and immense improvement, my friends and family began coming to me for health advice. Finally I decided to make things official by attending the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition (the worlds largest online nutrition program). It allowed me the ability to counsel/coach others in holistic health and nutrition. 

I am a lifelong learner. As I healed my body through nutrition, I became more aware of how our emotions affect our health, mentally & physically. I began to dive into the path of consciousness, becoming more aware of my unconscious emotional patterns & where they originate. I was accepted to attend an intensive certification course at the Philia Center in Costa Rica, to be trained by renowned spiritual teacher Teal Swan, which I completed & has changed my life


Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Licensed Massage Therapist

 (over 1000 hrs in training)

Certified Emotional Coach &

Completion Process Practitioner

Certified Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach


It is my desire to offer each woman what she needs to feel vibrantly healthy.  

I hope to be a significant step on the path of your health & healing.

I would be honored to work with you.

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