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I believe that while a massage can range from gentle to deep, that it should never be a painful experience. The woman receiving the massage should be able to fully relax, breathe deep & just let go during the massage. Through my extensive training I am fully aware that when we touch, it is more than e that when we touch, it is more than the body that we touch, it is that being's spirit & all the experience that comes with it. Therefore my Holistic approach is always respectful & honoring of this &  I choose to integrate both my Eastern & Western training into each session. It is my intention to bring you into a state of pure relaxation that will be with you for days and days. I believe that the healthier and happier we are, the more we then have to give and to help others. This is your time to relax.     ​

My own health crisis is what lead me into the field of massage.


With over 1000 hours in Massage training & over 10 years of hands on experience, I hope to be a significant step on the path of your health & healing. I would be honored to work with you.



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Massage Offerings...


 Choose from a variety of services...




  • Signature Massage                 

  • Thai Massage                        

  • Ayurvedic Massage 

  • Prenatal Massage 

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage

  • Geriatric Massage (for elderly)   

  • Reiki

  • Gift Certificates




Scroll down for more info on these services...



All treatments can be modified to meet most everyone's needs. If you have a specific area that needs special attention & are looking for a focused or deeper treatment, please let Sefana know and she will spend extra time where it is needed. If there is something you would like to leave out or add, we would be happy to accommodate these requests. Please contact us for further inquiries. 


We use Organic Jojoba oil and High quality essential oils



  • Signature Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage 


This is the traditional massage that most of us are used to when we think of massage. Blending my knowledge of Eastern & Western techniques, this massage is simple, yet profound.


 1 hr - $75                 

 1½ hrs - $100            


Choose your focus...


Heart Opener

Hip Opener


  • Thai Massage


Thai Massage is a beautiful sequence that involves pressing, stretching & massaging the body. Thai massage can be endlessly modified to be relaxing for everyone. Sessions are typically between 1 1/2 & 2 hours. This unique approach to massage is often able to loosen up the whole body in a way that conventional massage can't!


1½ hrs - $100

2 hrs - $130


Choose your focus...
Heart Opener

Hip Opener



  • Ayurvedic Massage "The Journey"


Experience a taste of Bliss on "The Journey". This Ayurvedic Massage comes from India and is composed of 3 parts...


Garshana, Abhyanga, & Vishesh


"Garshana" is a rythmic exfoliation with silken muslin gloves that pacifies the nervous system into a state of calm and gently detoxifies the body through the lymph system.


Next is "Abhyanga" - a rythmic, warm oil, aromatherapy massage that acts as an elixir to the body & spirit. 


Finally is "Vishesh", where steamy towels drive the healing oils into the body & slower, deeper strokes ease the tension out of achy muscles.


There is nothing quite like it. It truly is a healing"Journey" for the senses.


1 1/2hrs -- $110




  • Prenatal Massage 


Being a mother myself, I know how achy a woman can get during pregnancy & receiving a massage is such a huge relief to all the changes that happen in a woman's body during this transformational time. Not to mention that all those endorphins being released help not only you, but the little life that is growing within you too!! You & your baby are working hard! Give yourselves a break!


1 hr - $75

1½ hrs - $100 


Add on...

Henna Belly Design - $15 (will add on 15min to total time)

Henna Belly & Hands - $30 (will add up to 30min extra) 



  • Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage


If you have recently been in an auto accident, medical massage may be an option for you. Medical Massage is different from a standard massage in that only the areas affected by an accident are treated. Special techniques are used to reduce the inflammation/trigger points from the injury and to restore range of motion to the area(s). We bill your car insurance company to cover the cost. To find out more, please call us at 503.707.7953



  • Elder's Massage


There is something sooo beautiful about treating the elders with respect and love. Gentle, loving touch is something that helps us to thrive. It can be an amazing thing to have in your life as we age and accumulate a lifetime of aches & pains. I am always gentle & can come to a person's home or a center as well. To find out more, please call us at 503.707.7953



  • Hot Stone Massage 


Collected from the shores of oceans, rivers & lakes, hot stones have been used since ancient times to melt away aches and pains. Combining the use of the heated stones with traditional massage strokes, this style of massage is not only deeply relaxing, but it is also extremely therapeutic. The soothing warmth of the stones gets deep into the those painful knots & melts them away!



1 1/2hrs -- $130



  • Seated Chair Massage

There are many reasons why one might prefer chair massage to the more conventional approach. Perhaps you have trouble getting on or off a massage table...or perhaps you are looking to have massage offered at your business, an event or a party! Whatever the reason, we can accommodate your needs! Please contact us for pricing.


We would be happy to assist you!


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 Portland , OR , 97225 USA | 

Phone 5037077953

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