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Emotional Healing & Why We ALL NEED IT







We ALL experience painful emotions.




Whether we struggle from trauma, depression, emotional blocks, numbness, shame, anxiety, apathy, fear, limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, simply feeling lost & as though we have not come into alignment with ourselves or our true potential. 

Unfortunately we live in a day & age where we were taught little to nothing about our emotions and how to understand them. Instead, we focus on the positive emotions and either “cope with”, “suppress”, “deny” or keep “running away” from the painful emotions… OR

our painful emotions turn into enemies, monsters that we cannot escape from. These coping mechanisms eventually begin to work against us and cause unhealthy patterns in our thoughts, relationships and life. You see... 

Despite our efforts to escape our discomfort, we cannot “get rid”  of these emotions.

They are a part of us.

And they are an important key to understanding and healing ourselves. 


So where do they go? 

Much of our emotions and how we deal with them end up being hidden in our subconscious mind

The Unconscious Mind

It is baffling how much our subconscious mind is in control throughout our lives. In fact, just assume that most of our behaviour is in fact unconscious. Have you ever noticed how you are able to see someone else’s unhealthy patterns that they don’t see in themselves? We ALL have behaviors we are simply not aware of. And even if we have come far enough along to become aware of them, we often don’t know why we have them or what to do about them. We become stuck. The painful emotions keep popping up or we become numb to emotions altogether and feel little to nothing. Our suppressed emotions can even turn themselves into acute or chronic physical ailments or diseases. 

How can we find healing and develop a healthy awareness and relationship around our emotions?

The key here is awareness and understanding around where our emotions originate, finding the root or core beliefs that we developed throughout our lives and healing from past wounds that have shaped our beliefs about the world.


Discovering the moments that we lost ourselves so that we may find ourselves again.

Through this healing modality we will journey into our emotions, using them as the key to unlock the aspects of ourselves that have been lost. We will lovingly reintegrate these aspects, like a puzzle being put together, we will feel more whole, alive and more ourselves.

This is life changing, gentle, loving work.


I am dedicated to holding a safe space for you, providing you unconditional love and presence, guiding you to the heart of what needs healing and encouraging  you as you discover the treasures hidden within.

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